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Morning News Roundup

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  • I’ve been writing of the urgent need for the left to formulate a positive vision of globalization – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a good case in Why Canada opts for openness in The Economist.
  • Scientific American looks at the leading role California may play in a cap-and-trade approach to carbon emissions reductions in Climate Action May Be Boosted by California’s Democratic Supermajority.
  • Die Zeit looks at a growing horrifying trend of violence against immigrants, especially arson attacks against refugee dwellings, in Germany in Flames.
  • In Washington Pizzeria Attack, Fake News Brought Real Guns: Have you heard about this #pizzagate business? Apparently the crazy is coming out in full force. Made-up stories accuse a Washington-area pizza parlor of running a child abuse parlor in their back room for Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. A barrage of threats and obscene messages flood in. The son of Trump’s national security advisor nominee retweets the story, saying “it’s for the skeptics to disprove.” Then, a gunman shows up with an assault weapon and fires a few shots, later telling police he came to “self-investigate.” The New York Times covers it here.
  • Buzzfeed ran an analysis of news sources Trump retweets in Here’s Where Donald Trump Gets His News. Naturally Fox and Breitbart are at the top – I was amused to see also made the top twenty or so.
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December 6, 2016 at 8:29 am

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